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Judiciary seeks $389.5 million for courthouse security and renovations in wake of 2020 unrest

The US judiciary is seeking $389.5 million to upgrade courthouses after 2020's unrest. It was part of a wider $1.5 billion request, which included $515 million for cybersecurity upgrades. "The threat to federal courts is getting worse," court officials said. LoadingSomething is loading. The federal court system asked Congress for $389.5 millio...
A 3D-printed concrete tiny home is now on Airbnb — see what it’s like to stay inside the $130 per-night stay
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A 3D-printed concrete tiny home is now on Airbnb — see what it’s like to stay inside the $130 per-night stay

"In addition to increasingly affordable homes, the market demands innovative housing concepts," Yasin Torunoglu, the housing and spatial development alderman at the municipality of Eindhoven, said in a press release regarding another 3D printed concrete home, this time in the Netherlands. ...
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This video from a wild WeWork party shows the moment a bottle is thrown at former CEO Adam Neumann’s glass office

Video shows a glass bottle hurled through WeWork's headquarters during a rowdy company party. Former WeWork CEO Adam Neumann encouraged a constant hustle — and party — culture. A WeWork representative claimed the incident was an accident. LoadingSomething is loading. Former WeWork CEO Adam Neumann and other employees threw bottles of alcohol th...
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A Japanese homebuilder’s stock fell 10% after the boss banned staff from getting vaccinated-and said those who do would be punished

A man receives a COVID-19 vaccine at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government office. YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/POOL/AFP via Getty Images Japan homebuilder Tama Home's stock fell 10% on a report its boss threatened vaccinated employees. The president said those who get jabbed would die five years later, a weekly magazine reported. The company denied the report, saying the decision to get vaccinated is an individual choice. Sign up here for our daily newsletter, 10 Things Before the Opening Bell. Shares in Japanese homebuilder Tama Home fell 10% on Wednesday, marking their biggest one-day fall in over three years, after a report said the company's president warned employees they'd be punished if they get vaccinated for coronavirus.Company president Shinya Tamaki told managers he was against vaccin...
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WeWork founder Adam Neumann once said he wanted to be’president of the world’ and also the person that countries called to solve disputes, new book says

WeWork founder Adam Neumann hoped to be countries' first call to solve problems in war, a book says. He also said he'd run for "president of the world" if anything, according to "The Cult of We." He had an exit installed in his office so he wouldn't see staff in the main lobby, the book says. LoadingSomething is loading. WeWork founder Adam Neu...
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Buying mobile home parks helped an Idaho man go from $0 in savings to a $1.8 million net worth in 6 years

In 2015, Cory Harelson had $0 in savings, $30,000 in student loans, and no financial knowledge. After reading several books about money, he decided to invest in real estate. He stumbled upon a mobile home park for sale and has since raised his net worth to $1.8 million. Read more stories from Personal Finance Insider. Cory Harelson, a structural engineer in Boise, Idaho, knew what it was like to feel trapped. In 2015, he was working anywhere from 60- to 80-hour weeks, overwhelmed with mortgage payments and bills, and balancing raising a young son. "It was like a race with no end," he says. But in just six years, he went from having $0 in savings, $30,000 in ...
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‘Activate the space’: WeWork founder Adam Neumann made staff sit at empty desks, throw parties, and play The Notorious BIG when investors toured buildings, new book says

Before tours, WeWork told staff to fill empty desks so it seemed business was booming, a book says. Staff threw parties to create an illusion of community for investor tours, "The Cult of We" says. Neumann reportedly told staff to play the Notorious BIG song "Juicy" when he came with investors. LoadingSomething is loading. ...
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WeWork founder Adam Neumann once argued to Elon Musk that getting to Mars would be easy but “building community” there was the hard part, new book says

WeWork founder Adam Neumann told SpaceX CEO Elon Musk getting to Mars was easy, a new book says. "The Cult of We" adds that Neumann said building community on the Red Planet was the hard part. Musk "was unimpressed and lectured Neumann," who wanted to collaborate on Mars plans, the book says. LoadingSomething is loading. ...
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Founder Adam Neumann and his wife used WeWork’s elementary school to host weekend dinner parties and left a mess for teachers to clean up, new book says

The third floor of WeWork's Chelsea office was once home to a school that "resembled a meadow," served vegan lunches, and taught Hebrew alongside daily meditation . According to a new book out Tuesday, the elementary school was also the site of dinner parties hosted by former WeWork CEO Adam Neumann and his wife. Authors Eliot Brown and Maureen Farrell wrote that the parties often left the classrooms a mess for teachers to clean up on Mondays before students arrived."Teachers arrived on several different Monday mornings to see waste strewn around the floor," the book said. "Chairs were in the wrong classrooms; nothing looked the way staff had le...