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This application tells you what you can build with your LEGO pieces | Digital Trends Spanish

LEGO is one of the most recognized toy companies in the world and many of us have enjoyed their popular buildable parts sets. However, on many occasions we have run out of ideas and we no longer know what to build. Fortunately, technology can help us with this problem. Brickit is an application that scans the LEGO pieces that we have through augmented reality and indicates as a suggestion all the constructions that we can make with them. Thus, the application can serve as a scanner or manual for those who want to create a complex structure with the parts available. The scan is fairly quick and easy and takes just a few seconds. The result is displayed through a menu with all the options that the user can set. In addition, once the person has chosen one, the platform displays a manual ...
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Like Pokémon Go, but darker: The Witcher Monster Slayer | Digital Trends Spanish

As if it were a horror movie The Witcher: Monster Slayer is the next bet for mobile devices of the Polish studio CD Projekt. Monster Slayer, whose advance was presented this August 26, follows the story of the role-playing video game The Witcher, but with two additional features: it is location-based and augmented reality. “Monsters freely roam the earth in great numbers and the relatively new role of sorcerer it has become indispensable (…) You must take up the mantle, become an elite monster slayer and rid the world of filthy beasts ”, the study reports. The game challenges you to explore the world around you while tracking, studying, and fighting monsters, in a bet that clearly resembles Pokemon go, but with a much darker staging than the title developed by Niantic. ...
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Amazon feature lets you furnish your home with RA | Digital Trends Spanish

Would you like to see what an armchair, a table or any other piece of furniture would look like in a room in your house before buying them? Amazon is making it possible thanks to a new augmented reality (AR) application called Room Decorator, reported Wednesday Digital trends. The company had already experimented with augmented reality tools, but what makes Room Decorator different is that it is capable of virtually adding multiple products at the same time in a room. With the new tool, all you have to do is go to the Amazon shopping application, select any furniture that has the "See in your room" button next to it, and then observe them, for example, in your living room through your phone's camera. According to the information published by Tech Crunch, Room Decorator ...