Thursday, September 16

Realme celulares

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Vivo V21 5G vs. Realme 7 5G: close fight in the mid-range | Digital Trends Spanish

The confrontation between the Vivo V21 5G vs. Realme 7 5G, despite the fact that there is a difference of six months in their presentations (the most recent was that of the V21 5G, last May). And it is that these two attractions smartphones They share various specifications, especially in what has to do with processing, fast charging and screen, in addition to the 5G connection. You may also like: Vivo V21 5G vs. Realme 7 5G Design The Realme 7 5G and Vivo V21 5G have the classic buttons that allow you to turn on the unit and control the volume, but the big difference is that the first includes the fingerprint sensor in the power button, while the V21 5G incorporates it underneath from his display. The Vivo V21 5G integrates the fingerprint sensor under its screen.Already in the hand...