Saturday, July 31

Récord Guinness

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Dubai pool breaks Guinness depth record | Digital Trends Spanish

In Dubai, they have just achieved a Guinness record by opening the world's deepest swimming pool to the public. Baptized as Deep Dive, This pool is 60 meters deep. Deep dive it is not a pool like any other. In addition to its depth, it has an architectural design that evokes a city lost under water and has several rooms inside, including some recreational areas with arcade machines where divers can recreate while resting. The pool Deep dive It takes 14 million liters of water to fill, which is kept at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius for the best comfort of divers and is purified every six hours with an ultra-advanced filter system. In an emergency, there is a hyperbaric chamber with oxygen that can hold 12 people; For its part, all movements within the pool are observed through ...