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The best software to recover files | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the worst nightmares that can come true is losing information on your computer and not having a backup! Whether you've accidentally erased data or your hard drive has been damaged, don't panic: there are several options to rescue them, including - of course - the best file recovery software. You will be interested in: Before downloading and running any recovery software, we recommend that you stop using the drive if possible. The only operation you should use it for, especially if you think it will fail soon, is to back up the entire drive to a secondary one. The best software to recover files Also, you should consider enlisting the help of a professional data recovery company, as no software will work if your drive fails completely. The same happens if you lose data from a mo...
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How to recover an accidentally sent Outlook email

There is a type of nervousness known only to those who have sent a email by mistake. It detonates in a fraction of a second and sets your mind working at a thousand an hour. It makes you want to run to the other person's computer and delete it. It makes you want to turn back time. Well good news: you can! More or less. Before apologizing, you will be pleased to learn that there is a less embarrassing alternative that is simply knowing how to recover an Outlook email. However, yes, for the procedure to be successful you must act quickly. In fact, many email platforms provide people with the ability to retrieve these emails after I sent them. In this guide, we will teach you exactly how to retrieve an email at Outlook, the well-known electronic messaging platform...