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Is a free VPN safe? What you need to know | Digital Trends Spanish

We're sure you've heard of virtual private networks (more commonly known as VPNs) and if you're concerned about privacy and digital security, you may have done some research on them and dismissed them for their price. You probably also noticed that there are some Free VPN, which may seem too good to be true; After all, if these services have an infrastructure for their operation, why would someone offer them at no cost? You will be interested in: That's a fair question, and as you can imagine, there's a big catch with those "free" VPNs. Virtual private networks require a hardware infrastructure to function (which means money) and free providers have to recoup their costs in some way. They typically do this by collecting and selling your data to marketers, which means they probably ke...
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Google will offer a free VPN: so you can get it | Digital Trends Spanish

This year, with more people connecting to the internet from their homes for work purposes, VPNs have become very popular. Today more than ever people have become aware of the need to strengthen security while browsing the Internet and VPNs or Virtual Private Networks have become a useful tool for that purpose. For this reason, from Google they have announced that they will offer a free VPN for their customers who have a Google One account, specifically for those who have the $ 9.99 plan and that allows access to 2TB of cloud storage. At the moment, this free VPN will be available only in the United States, although it will also be available in other regions soon. At the same time, although initially this VPN will be implemented only on Android devices, it should later be available ...