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The best gadgets for back to school 2021 | Digital Trends Spanish

Time to talk about back to school 2021. Regardless of whether the return will be in person or virtual, there are gadgets that become a fundamental tool for students. Next, we present the devices that allow you to go from carrying out any school project to taking a moment to enjoy the playlist favorite. You will be interested in: Gadgets for back to school 2021 Logitech HD Pro C920 Webcam For online classes or a school gathering, this Logitech webcam is positioned as an excellent option. Includes Full HD glass lens, 78-degree field of view, and automatic light correction, plus stereo sound. Its compact design allows it to be placed on top of your computer screen and is compatible with Windows and macOS. Buy on Amazon 24-inch iMac ManzanaThe new iMac will be one of the best resources f...
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Experts: It could take years for a safe return to school | Digital Trends Spanish

It can take years before students, especially elementary school students, can return to classes without the risk of falling ill from COVID-19, experts from the US health services told the chain CNBC. They clarified that several factors need to be combined to reduce the virus to low enough levels to allow schools to return to normal safely. These factors are: herd immunity, a vaccine against the new coronavirus, and hygiene practices. “All three are really going to be needed. Today, social distancing measures are difficult in some school settings, ”said Paul Offit, director of the Center for Vaccine Education at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and a former member of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. Scientists interviewed by CNBC hope that a safe an...
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The best applications for back to school | Digital Trends Spanish

Whether you are going to be in the physical or digital classroom, we know it well: you will need different tools to organize and study in the best way. And you don't need much, you just need to download some of the best back-to-school apps. This list - which will be updated in the coming weeks - considers cross-platform and easy-to-use developments, all with the purpose that your only task is to obtain the best grades. Evernote In addition to being an ideal application to collect and manage all kinds of information, Evernote has the advantage of being cross-platform, that is, you could start a project on your phone and resume it later from your computer. Although this development already has a story to tell, the truth is that it remains in force due to all its creati...