Tuesday, September 28

regulador de voltaje para pc

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Voltage regulator: how to choose and which is the best for your appliances | Digital Trends Spanish

They say that prevention is better than regret. And if you've already spent a hefty sum on your brand new 60-inch 4K TV with HDMI 2.1 to play your PS5 or Xbox Series X at 120 fps, why not invest at least an additional $ 30 on a dimmer switch? It is true, a voltage regulator is not even close to the most striking gadget and it seems that buying them does not make any sense, until during a download that electronic that you adore suffers a shock and stops working. Whoever signs this text was motivated to buy one until, after connecting the vacuum cleaner, the fuse of the multicontact ended up blown, causing the television to turn off and his heart, well, a fatal scare. You will be interested in: We know that in the United States it is rare for the voltage to have highs and lows, but in s...