Friday, September 17


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Art: remastering the cinematics of classic games with AI | Digital Trends Spanish

In the 90s, some video games began to include long immersive cutscenes before starting the campaign, such as Final Fantasy VII of Square. However, if you now play those games with current 4K televisions or even a 1080p monitor, you are sure to see a highly pixelated screen. That's where the YouTube channel called Upscale, which has been dedicated to bringing "the best possible quality in the old and new scenes of video games, anime series and movies." An example of this is the remastered version of the intro of Kingdom hearts ii. The team behind the channel uses machine learning methods to increase the clarity of images, making them look just as cool as they did on old CRT televisions. They can look even better, but it all depends on how well the art style of each game works with the...