Thursday, July 29

Reproductor 4K

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Fire TV Stick 4K: is it worth connecting to a 4K TV? | Digital Trends Spanish

There are two facts that stand out with multimedia players: their accessibility —they are cheap equipment— and that they give access to media platforms. streaming Most popular, like HBO Max, Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus and, of course, Netflix. The latest models also support 4K resolution and other standards that promise a cinematic experience. But, for example, is it worth connecting a Fire TV Stick 4K to a TV with this resolution? You will be interested in: I've previously said that these devices make the most sense for unconnected Full HD televisions, as they give them that degree of "intelligence" that they didn't get when they left the factory. 4K screens boast as their main virtue the fact of connecting to the local internet network, having their own intelligent platform, the one ...