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Resident Evil

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New Resident Evil movie will be faithful to the original game | Digital Trends Spanish

The next tape of Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, It seeks to be a more faithful adaptation of the original material, according to its director. In chat with IGN, Johannes Roberts assured that although he believes that the previous tapes of resident Evil They were good and they created iconic characters, they never really evoked the same feeling that video games, especially the originals, left behind. "I am one of those who prefers the horror of games to action, and I'm sure many fans of the game think the same," said Roberts. Therefore, the new film will seek to better represent what were the first Resident Evil. Thus, they worked with Capcom on important details such as the plans for the Raccoon City police station or the Spencer mansion. Although the director wa...
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Resident Evil herbs are real and you can buy them | Digital Trends Spanish

Who have played any Resident Evil, Whether old or new, they will know that herbs are an important element: they allow you to recover the poor health of the game. Well, Capcom has decided that these herbs should be more than just a digital object and therefore they have begun to sell them on its official site in Japan. The herbs of resident Evil They cost 550 yen (roughly $ 5 equivalent) and come in red and green varieties. However, these herbs do not make you feel better, nor do they have the effect of an aspirin because they are actually bath salts. Technically, it is as if the herbs had ground them and changed their usefulness, but beyond that, it is an interesting and novel object for fans of the series, who will surely buy them for two reasons: first, because they are very cheap a...
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Resident Evil and Devil May Cry study admits cyberattack | Digital Trends Spanish

The video game company Capcom has admitted to having suffered a cyber attack, which has affected access to some of its internal systems. Capcom reported that the attack was recorded on November 2, 2020, which has prevented access to the company's email and files. The Japanese study indicated in a release that so far "there are no indications" that their customers' information has been violated, according to Portaltic. "This incident has not affected the connections to play the company's online games or access to its various websites," the firm added. Of Japanese origin, Capcom has subsidiaries in the United States and Europe. Among his most popular titles are Street fighter, which rose to popularity in the 1980s and 1990s through arcade machines, and the action series Devil May Cr...
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Netflix confirms exclusive series based on Resident Evil | Digital Trends Spanish

The platform streaming Netflix announced the launch of a live action series based on resident Evil, the popular horror video game franchise from studio Capcom. The initial season of resident Evil - whose release date has not been confirmed - has eight one-hour episodes scheduled, in which a story will be told based on two timelines. In the first timeline, sisters Jade and Billie Wesker move at age 14 to New Raccoon City, a manufactured corporate city. During their stay, they discover that their father could hide secrets that could destroy the world. The second timeline advances a decade into the future, when there are less than 15 million people left on Earth. The rest, some six billion, have been infected by the T virus. Jade struggles to survive, while the secrets o...