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Video of the extinct Tasmanian tiger restored to color | Digital Trends Spanish

The Tasmanian tiger, also known as the marsupial wolf or thylacine, was a carnivorous marsupial native to Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea that became extinct in the 20th century. Thanks to a record filmed in black and white at the Beaumaris Zoo, Horbart, in December 1933, we know what this missing animal looked like. Now, thanks to an important film editing work, we can see how it looked more real through the same images, but in color. The original video was recorded by Australian zoologist David Fleay and has been colored by an international team. Meanwhile, the new record was shared by the National Sound and Film Archive of Australia (NFSA). This project spent more than 200 hours coloring and was published on the occasion of National Day for Threatened Species in Australia. In f...
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They complete a Rembrandt work thanks to AI | Digital Trends Spanish

"The Night Watch", one of Rembrandt van Rijn's most recognized works, can finally be seen in its entirety thanks to a major restoration made through artificial intelligence. According to the AP agency, a combination of art and artificial intelligence has allowed the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam to recreate parts of the iconic painting that had been cut 70 years after Rembrandt finished it. The artist painted the work in 1642 on behalf of the mayor and leader of the civic guard of Amsterdam, to represent the members of the militia, After hanging in the civic guards club for 73 years, the painting was transferred to the Amsterdam City Council, but since it did not fit between the two doors, it was cut, according to Taco Dibbits, director of the Rijksmuseum. Now, the lost figures of two men an...
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Follow these steps to factory clean or restore a Mac

Before selling or giving away your Mac, it is important to restore it to its factory settings; In addition, this can help you correct a series of technical problems that your Apple computer may be experiencing. If you've noticed that she feels slower than usual, it's probably time to take matters into her head and start from scratch. Factory reset a Mac is not complicated. But first pay attention: as you will erase all your data, documents, photos and applications, first we suggest you make the necessary backups. Bill Roberson / DIgital Trends In general, this “removing everything there is” is usually a cause for concern; But there are situations when restoring your laptop is necessary. The most common is when you want to sell it, using a service like eBay or Crai...