Tuesday, September 28

río Paraná

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Argentines cross to Paraguay on foot due to a river drought | Digital Trends Spanish

The latest scientific reports show that our planet is drying up. It is a worrying situation, the effects of which are already being felt strongly. In South America, the second largest river behind the Amazon, is the victim of a historic drought, which has caused a serious impact on economic and tourist activity. It has also left scientists and residents uneasy. An example of this is a video that has been viralized on social networks and that shows a group of people crossing on foot from Argentina to Paraguay through the bed of the Paraná, which was previously full of water. Viral video of a historic downspout. People cross the bed of the Paraná river on foot, this is a sad environmental situation. 😪 📲 # TodoEsEnLN pic.twitter.com/SrffKKdXEo & mdash; La Nación Newspaper (@LaNacionP...