Sunday, September 19

Roomba j7+

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Robot Vacuum Cleaner Uses AI to Avoid Dog Waste | Digital Trends Spanish

iRobot has just presented a new model of its Roomba robot vacuum cleaner, which is set to become a practical device for those who have pets. This is Roomba j7 +, the new high-end model that has a navigation function with intelligent vision. This allows you to avoid obstacles and elements that can cause accidents such as cables, or uncomfortable situations such as waste from animals living in the home. How does it work? The device uses the Precision Vision navigation function to help you search for objects on the ground. There he makes the determination to approach or avoid them and surround them. In this way, it is able to absorb objects such as headphones and other cables to avoid tangling. This new feature was created after the company trained its artificial intelligence (AI) algori...