Sunday, July 25

Royal Navy

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With close military encounters on opposite sides of the world, Russia is sending a message to the West

Russia's military had close encounters with its US and European rivals in the Black Sea and the Pacific Ocean in June. The incidents and exercises were messages about Russia's military capabilities, experts told Insider. LoadingSomething is loading. Close encounters between Russia's mil...
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The UK’s new aircraft carrier has joined the fight against ISIS, and Russia is watching it closely

HMS Queen Elizabeth, the UK's new aircraft carrier, is taking on the "lion's share" of operations against ISIS in Iraq. It's the first time a British aircraft carrier has supported live military operations on the ground in over two decades. It has also drawn the interest of Russia, whose warplanes try to keep tabs on the US and British F-35 jets aboard the carrier. See more stories on Insider's business page. EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN SEA (AP) — Britain's newest aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, is helping to take on the "lion's share" of operations against the Islamic State group in Iraq, UK naval commanders said.It has also piqu...