Friday, July 30

RTX 30

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NVIDIA Brings Its RTX Technology to Chromebook Chips | Digital Trends Spanish

NVIDIA is expanding its video card technologies beyond traditional x86 processors. In the middle of the GDC 2021 developer event, the company presented a demonstration of ray tracing and DLSS running on a processor with ARM architecture. Although until now these technologies are common in the latest series video cards, it is also true that practically all users use them on computers with traditional architectures, such as the aforementioned x86. ARM, on the other hand, is something like another paradigm; Chips based on such an architecture aim first of all at energy efficiency. An example: the popular and well-known Snapdragon chips for phones are all ARMs. The demo in question presented by NVIDIA is from Wolfenstein: Youngblood, A title from a few years ago, which here runs on an...