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How to update Safari on Mac manually | Digital Trends Spanish

Apple has been consistent to incorporate novel features into its computer operating system in recent years, including performance improvements and some huge privacy changes. If you don't have automatic updates turned on or are delaying them, you may not be able to take advantage of the latest features right away. Here we explain how update Safari on Mac manually. You will be interested in: MacOS Monterey also gives your browser a different look with version 15 of Safari, which includes new webcode support for more advanced pages, passkey support for iCloud Keychain, highlights to emphasize important information, and much more. Step 1: go to the App Store Log into your Mac and go to the app store. You can easily open it by selecting the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the MacOS...
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How to convert a web page to PDF | Digital Trends Spanish

With our step-by-step guide, we will explain how to convert a web page to PDF in the main browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox) so that you can save, print, or share a web page that interests you in this format. Read on and discover how easy it is to do it. Note: These instructions are accurate for the latest versions of the respective browsers at the time of publication. Older versions might use slightly different methods, but they should be very similar. You will be interested in: How to convert a web page to PDF Desktop browsers You should know that for most computer browsers, the function To print it is the fastest and most effective method to save a web page to PDF. We know that it may seem logical to choose Save page as ..., but that option is to store the pages in a web for...
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Do you know how to delete history completely? It is very simple | Digital Trends Spanish

In this guide we will explain how to completely erase your history, no matter which browser you use. Clearing your browser's cache is an important part of the maintenance that must be carried out so that our work flows smoothly, and you should not forget to do it periodically. The cache is responsible for storing the data of the sites you have visited and, although its purpose is to speed up loading times, in the long run it can end up slowing down your browser, in addition to that your private information will be more vulnerable in case of an attack malicious. You will be interested in: But why clear the cache? Maybe cleaning your cache is not absolutely necessary, nor is it something you have to do frequently. However, there are several reasons why clearing your browser's cache migh...
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The best browsers for Mac in 2020 | Digital Trends Spanish

As a Mac owner, you probably know that your computer comes with Safari installed, and it may be the only web browser you use. It's certainly a good app, but is it the best? Should you switch to a different one? And if so, which one? We pit Safari against the best browsers for Mac, Chrome, and Firefox, in a grueling series of tests covering features, performance, security, and privacy. Which one deserves our recommendation? Let's dive in and find out. Design and features Most web browsers are packed with nifty features to help you get a better browsing experience. That's no different with our three contenders, all of which offer great features across the board. Let's start with Chrome. As expected, it integrates well with Chromecast-enabled devices. Just right-...
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These safe browsers will protect your privacy to the maximum | Digital Trends Spanish

If you regularly work with your computer and the internet, it is important that you have a fast network with which you can save time and also a reliable browser that can maintain your privacy. Our selection of the best secure browsers includes a wide variety of privacy features that are sure to interest you. In fact, think about our first choice: Brave. This browser contains many of the same features as other popular browsers, but its emphasis on privacy and security really makes it stand out. Features like default and customizable settings that allow you to block things like ads, trackers, and malware make Brave a particularly useful browser for protecting your privacy. And if Brave is not the ideal browser for you, we invite you to continue reading and take a loo...
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Does science solve the death of elephants in Botswana? | Digital Trends Spanish

After months of speculation and scientific research, the mystery of the sudden death of at least 330 elephants in Botswana appears to have been solved. Scientists from the African country came to the conclusion that the tragic phenomenon is due to toxic blooms of cyanobacteria, a natural neurotoxin. This biological phenomenon has increased due to climate change, reported ABC News. “Our latest tests have found that cyanobacterial neurotoxins are the cause of deaths. These are anaerobic bacteria found in seasonal water containers, ”said Mmadi Reuben, Senior Veterinarian for the Botswana Department of Wildlife and National Parks. Initially, explanations for the deaths ranged from poaching to anthrax poisoning. "Climate change and the effect of global warming in the regio...