Saturday, July 31

São Paulo

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Soccer League had more COVID than first line of health | Digital Trends Spanish

A situation that goes beyond the anecdote and that speaks of the responsibility of the authorities revealed a study carried out by the University of São Paulo (USP) in Brazil. Taking more than 30,000 nasal swab samples (PCR) among soccer players from a regional league, it was determined that the incidence of COVID-19 it was higher than, for example, the first line of health in that South American country. Out of 4,269 players tested in 2020: 11.7% tested positive. The samples include eight tournaments of the São Paulo State Soccer Federation (FPF), the league responsible for organizing official championships in the state - six for men (São Paulo Cup, Sub-23, Sub-20 and the three divisions of the São Paulo Championship) and two for women (São Paulo Championship and U-17). Bruno Gualano...