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SG-1000: from the arcade to the home, this was Sega’s first console | Digital Trends Spanish

Before the Master System and the Sega Genesis there was the SG-1000, which debuted in July 1983. It is the first desktop console developed by Sega, which sought to move its video games from the arcade rooms to the homes of thousands. of players. Sega began experimenting with home gaming devices in 1982 as the arcade market was declining. The first model he developed was the SC-3000, a computer with an integrated keyboard. However, when the company learned that Nintendo was planning to release a gaming-only console - the Famicom - the house of Sonic began development of the SG-1000 in parallel. Sega first conducted a limited market test and finally, in 1983, released the SG-1000 in Japan. This console, also called the Mark I, played 8-bit games, displayed 16 colors, and used a Z80 pro...
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Sega 64 and other curious facts about Nintendo 64 | Digital Trends Spanish

Nintendo 64, the console that gave birth to some of the most influential games of the 3D gaming era (which by the way, persists today on PS5, Xbox Series X and Switch), was the product of a rejection. The snub was made by Sega to Silicon Graphics, which in the mid-1990s was one of the most prominent manufacturers of high-performance computer components. Jim Clark, founder and director of Silicon Graphics, thought of expanding the horizons of his company by offering one of the leading video game companies of the time (Sega) a CPU capable of generating polygonal graphics with moderate power consumption but above all without significantly increasing manufacturing costs. The rapprochement between Clark and Tom Kalinske - then CEO of Sega of America - occurred in early 1993, and although t...
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Sega gets rid of its video game rooms in Japan | Digital Trends Spanish

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to hit the world economy and, especially, companies that offer services in closed venues such as cinemas, gyms and theaters, which have had to go months without public and without revenue. Now it is the turn of the arcades, a type of business that did not exist decades ago in Latin America, but which was still vigorous in Japan, at least until before the pandemic. This Thursday it was announced that Sega sold 85.1 percent of its Japanese electronic games business, Sega Entertainment, to the arcade company Genda. In accordance with Engadget, the entertainment unit has been "greatly affected" by the coronavirus. While there was some recovery after the initial hit of the pandemic, the situation was still uncertain. Sega had already closed its legendary...
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Official: Football Manager 2021 will return to Xbox consoles | Digital Trends Spanish

Sega announced that on November 24, 2020 it will present the game in society Football Manager 2021, the successful soccer simulator where the user puts himself in the shoes of a coach. The novelty is that it will not only be available for computers and Mac, the game will also be offered for Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, reported Engadget. Quite an event, since the latest version of Football Manager that worked with the Microsoft console dates back to 2006. Sega executives announced the news during the second day of the Tokyo Game Show. The developed Japanese celebrates its 60 years According to Sega, Football Manager 2021 for Xbox it will be based on the Touch version of the series that the company usually releases on iOS and Android devices, as well as on...