Monday, August 2

segunda temporada

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Disney confirms a second season for Loki | Digital Trends Spanish

The final scene of the sixth chapter of Loki, confirms that the series will have a second season on the Disney Plus platform. So at least indicated by Variety, who was able to see the scene and confirm that the ad appears right in the middle of the episode's credits, exactly at minute 42 and 48 seconds. Thus, on the screen you can only read a stamp that says "Loki will return in the second season." Loki It is the third Marvel series to premiere on Disney Plus and the first to be officially confirmed for a second cycle. Elizabeth Olsen, star of WandaVisionHe noted that the series, which premiered in January this year, will not have a second season. For now, it is not known what will happen to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In the case of Loki, it has not been indicated when the secon...