Saturday, July 24


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LEGO Surprises with a Seinfeld-Inspired Set | Digital Trends Spanish

The popular comedy series Seinfeld turns 32. Its first episode was broadcast on July 5, 1989, reason enough to celebrate. This is at least the understanding of the LEGO toy company, which has decided to launch a special set about this successful television show. What the firm has done is reminiscent of the Friends set, presented a few weeks ago. Thus, this game also includes a small department that exhibits some characteristic details of the series, such as the recreation of the kitchen, the sofa and the refrigerator with the Superman sticker. LEGO.The complete set has a size of 33 cm wide, 18 deep and 14 high. It is composed of 1,326 pieces and as main characters it incorporates Jerry Seinfeld, Goerge Costanza, Cosmo Kramer, Elaine Benes and Newman. LEGOThese characters are represen...