Tuesday, September 28

sensor fotográfico

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Samsung Introduces Largest Mobile Sensor Built | Digital Trends Spanish

It seems that the next Samsung Galaxy S22 will have a substantial improvement in its camera. And it is that the Korean giant has presented its new sensor for mobile phones that has a whopping 200 MP. It is the ISOCELL HP1, a photographic sensor that, in addition to being the highest number of pixels that has existed for mobile phones to date, has a pixel size of 0.64μm. The manufacturer of also indicates that the sensor has ChameleonCell technology, technology that makes it capable of modifying the way in which the pixels are grouped according to the environment in which we shoot, according to the available light. In low light conditions, the sensor will combine pixels in a 4 by 4 grouping mode to achieve 12.5 MP images with a pixel size of 2.56 μm. In the case of favorable ambient l...