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September 11

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The Stone Eater, the Outlaw Scrapper, and the future of Afghanistan’s MMA fighters

Kabul – MMA fighter Zaki Rasooli is running late. He has a training session in 30 minutes and the gym is all the way on the other side of Kabul, Afghanistan's traffic-clogged capital.   He pulls his car behind a Police Ranger, hoping he can outmaneuver the traffic jams and street vendors, the blast-proof barrier walls and police checkpoints. Once a day, an improvised explosive device might detonate in Kabul, so that's another reason to keep moving. As he speeds through the streets, he passes by at least three billboards of Ahmad Wali Hotak, another MMA star known as "The Warrior," who clutches a can of Predator energy drink as he aims a punch at the camera. Rasooli isn't just trying to avoid the cong...