Monday, September 20

Series sobre el 11-S

11-S, 20 años del 11-S, Atentados del 11-S, Entretenimiento, Estados Unidos, Películas sobre el 11-S, Series sobre el 11-S, Torres Gemelas

9/11 attacks: series and films about the attack | Digital Trends Spanish

Twenty years have passed since that attack that changed the world, especially in what has to do with security and relations between countries. Two decades after this event, the cinema has not been indifferent, to the extent that an extensive selection of series and films about 9/11 can be made. This guide brings together productions such as the shocking documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 and director Spike Lee's proposal in which he addresses current New York without neglecting those who were eyewitnesses to the attacks. You can even find the musical that recounts the ties that were extended between the locals of a Canadian city and the flight passengers who were stranded here. You may also like: Series and films about the 9/11 attacks How much is life worth? (2021) Based on a true story,...