Sunday, July 25

shigeru miyamoto

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Donkey Kong turns 40: these are his best games | Digital Trends Spanish

On a day like today, exactly 40 years ago, an arcade game called Donkey Kong. In 1981, Nintendo was another kind of company that made games only for arcades, and the creator of this particular title, Shigeru Miyamoto, had yet to design his ultimate work. However, Donkey kong was the starting point for that Miyamoto universe that would expand with Super Mario Bros. years later. And for a few years, the gorilla inspired by King kong it would go into the background, until in the 90s it would return to the ring thanks to the trilogy created by Rare. In four decades, Donkey kong is a saga with more than 30 appearances in games of various platforms or genres. Therefore, below a small list with the top 3 games of Donkey Kong, from its first incarnation to the most modern. Donkey Kong Jr. Fro...