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Chipotle customers are reporting ingredient shortages as the chain says it is facing high beef and shipping costs

Customers say Chipotle locations are out of key ingredients like rice and steak. Chipotle says it is facing high beef and freight costs, but there is no system-wide shortage. Taco Bell, Starbucks, and other chains are also dealing with shortages. LoadingSomething is loading. Some Chipotle locations are running out of key ingredients, according ...
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Walmart, Target, and Amazon are among the biggest corporate polluters thanks to overseas shipping

A new study measures the climate pollution retailers emit from overseas shipping. Retail giants Walmart, Target, Ikea, and Amazon are among the top 10 maritime polluters. Walmart generates more greenhouse gas than a coal plant would in a year, The Verge first reported. LoadingSomething is loading. A new report from Pacific Environment and Sta...
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The global shipping crisis and labor shortages may get worse because of the slow vaccine rollout for seafarers, say experts

A slow rollout of COVID-19 for seafarers risks worsening a worldwide shipping crisis. Infections on vessels are rising, which could further harm already strained global supply chains. Shipping experts warn of delays and a tightened labor pool leading up to Christmas. LoadingSomething is loading. ...
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Boat sales are up, and owners say they’re getting harder to rent and repair

Boat prices are up 10% this year as demand increases. Demand shot up during the pandemic as boats were viewed as a safe way to spend time outside. The same shipping industry woes are to blame for shortages on other goods like lumber and furniture. See more stories on Insider's business page. Boats are becoming more expensive and harder to find across the US, from small vessels to large yachts. Boat prices are up, and customers are left waiting months longer than anticipated for their purchases. In Michigan, which is a hub for boaters due to the surrounding Great Lakes, one dealership is displaying signs warning would-be customers t...
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How America quietly lost 2,700 ships

At the time ocean shipping took over the world, America gave up on the shipping industry.In 1960, when the world moved 1.2 million tons of goods via ship, the American fleet comprised 16% of the world's total cargo shipping power. By 2019, global trade shot up to 10.7 million tons — but America's domestic carriers are moving just a sliver of it. The US Merchant Marine now makes up just 0.2% of the world's vessels. Meanwhile, the US consumes the most goods moved by shipping container of any country — Which is how lawn chairs, yoga mats, and basically everything else you buy moves from factories in Asia to stores in North America and Europe. (I'll be focusing on containerized shipping in this piece. The two other major types...