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See inside Victoria’s Secret’s revamped’store of the future’ as it ditches Angels to lure more women

Mandy Shunnarah visited the redesigned Victoria's Secret store at the Polaris Fashion Place mall near Columbus, Ohio. The store swapped its bubblegum pink decor and size-zero mannequins for muted colors and fuller figures. Shunnarah noticed fresh changes but says the rebranding still doesn't feel inclusive of plus-size women. LoadingSomething is loading. ...
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If we all agreed to buy less stuff, we could be happier and work fewer hours

If you've spent any time thinking about post-pandemic fashion, you may know that the social media skirmishes over skinny jeans, side parts, cargo shorts, and Crocs, all add up to one thing: nothing is universally cool anymore. The decline of "cool," as mapped out by Vox's Safy-Hallan Farah, is another economic trend that the pandemic appears to have accelerated. Monoculture has been in decline for decades as the Internet facilitated diffuse subcultures, all with their own definition. Now, a year in quarantine has exploded the cultural consensus.That's a bigger deal than it sounds like.Modern consumers often signal class standing through what we wear, carry, and drive — and that's long been a source of economic growth. Consume...
I went to American Dream, the behemoth New Jersey mall with 2 theme parks and ski slope, and saw the devastating effects of the pandemic on retail
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I went to American Dream, the behemoth New Jersey mall with 2 theme parks and ski slope, and saw the devastating effects of the pandemic on retail

But with COVID-19 on the ropes, American Dream is once again a reality and its doors are open to shoppers, adventure-seekers, and the host of other visitors to whom the infamous mall caters. ...
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The 7 best face sunscreens of 2021, according to dermatologists

FAQs What SPF do you need?The SPF on a sunscreen tells you how long it will take for the sun's UV radiation to cause your skin to redden. So with SPF 30, it takes 30 times longer to burn than if you aren't wearing any sun protection. Any amount of SPF is helpful, but the number tells you how often you need to reapply it. Dr. Chan recommends no less than SPF 30 for everyday purposes, but if you're going to be out in the sun consistently, you're better off with something closer to SPF 50.How often should you apply sun...
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Iconic shapewear brand Spanx is reportedly looking for a buyer in a deal that could value it at $1 billion

Shapewear brand Spanx is exploring a sale, The New York Times reported, citing multiple sources. A potential deal could reportedly value the brand at $1 billion. Spanx was set up in 2000 by its current CEO Sara Blakely. Newsletter Sign up for the Insider Life newsletter for the best of real estate, fitness, food, travel and style. LoadingSomething is loading. ...