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CIA Labs, the technology arm of the spy agency | Digital Trends Spanish

Is it possible for a federal agency to compete with the giants of Silicon Valley? How to do it? These appear to be the biggest problems facing the United States' Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and which it intends to solve with CIA Labs, its technological arm that is approaching its first year of life. Although the CIA had historically been a place from which some of America's leading technological innovations emerged, 74 years after its founding it has lost ground to companies such as Facebook, Google or Microsoft. What exactly does CIA Labs do Getty ImagesCIA Labs is not America's first tech lab. In fact, there are more than 300 gathered in the Federal Consortium of Laboratories for Technology Transfer (FLC), but it is the first to operate under the umbrella of the most famous i...
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A Silicon Valley veteran hired by Jeff Bezos says he spent 5 years searching for the perfect notepad — it’s an important part of his routine

Dave Selinger is a former Amazon exec and cofounder of real estate firm Redfin. He said he spent five years looking for the perfect notepad for to-do lists. He spoke to CNBC Make It about some of his daily habits and leadership lessons. LoadingSomething is loading. A veteran tech CEO has added to Silicon Valley's growing list of idiosyncratic productivity hacks with his fi...
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The best tech series you should watch right now | Digital Trends Spanish

From the IT department to completely unimaginable worlds, the best technology series keep stories of all kinds, capable of capturing any audience. This list - which we will update in the coming weeks - gives you a tour of the environments of Black mirror, the enigmas of Orphan Black and the humor of Silicon Valley. From the mind of Charlie Brooker, this series uses technology as a pretext - from virtual assistants to video games - to show dystopian societies, but at the same time so close to reality. Each of the chapters that make up the five seasons works independently, that is, it is possible to start in the order you prefer. In addition, there is also the interactive movie Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, in which "decisions" of the viewer change the course of the st...