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BioNTech offers 10 times more antibodies than Sinovac | Digital Trends Spanish

A study carried out by the University of Hong Kong reveals that those who received the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine have ten times more antibodies than those who were inoculated with Sinovac. The work also shows that the latter group generates levels of proteins to attack the virus that would be similar or lower than those produced naturally in patients who have recovered from COVID-19. According to the researchers, the study results, which were published in Lancet Microbe, suggest the need for "alternative strategies", such as booster vaccines, for those who have been immunized with Sinovac, as a way to increase antibody levels in these patients. "The difference in neutralizing antibody concentrations identified in our study could translate into substantial differences in the ef...
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How does Sinovac work against the Delta variant | Digital Trends Spanish

Variant COVID-19 Delta It is currently one of the greatest health concerns in the world, since its high level of contagion and the possible reduction in the effectiveness of some vaccines to combat it, have led the producing laboratories to meticulous studies to determine how their inoculations behave in this context. And in conversation with the Reuters agency, the Chinese epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan, presented preliminary results of a small sample that he carried out with Sinovac from Coronavac against the variant that was started in India. "Sinovac spokesman Liu Peicheng told Reuters that preliminary results based on blood samples from people vaccinated with his injection showed a three-fold reduction in the neutralizing effect against Delta," the report read. One of the windows tha...
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Brazil suspends trials of Chinese vaccine against COVID-19 | Digital Trends Spanish

Brazil's National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) suspended phase 3 clinical trials of a candidate vaccine against COVID-19 developed by China. The agency decided to stop the tests after a volunteer suffered "a serious incident" during the clinical trial of the CoronaVac vaccine. Although Anvisa did not provide further details about what happened, it assured that these incidents could include death, possibly fatal side effects, serious disability, hospitalization, in addition to other clinically significant events. For its part, the Chinese laboratory Sinovac Biotech said in a statement that it was confident in the safety of its antidote, in addition to ruling out that the incident was related to it. This situation took the Butantan Institute, the public body that coordinates v...
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COVID-19 vaccine will be tested in children and young people | Digital Trends Spanish

The entire world continues to fight to stop the advance of the coronavirus. It has been a difficult battle against one of the most serious health threats that humanity has faced in recent times. Fortunately, different laboratories around the world are working on the search for a vaccine to control the pandemic. Some, with results that provoke optimism. The Chinese pharmaceutical Sinovac announced that it will begin testing its vaccine in children and adolescents from September 28, after tests carried out in adults have returned positive results. On September 9, Sinovac stated that the results of its CoronaVac vaccine in phases 1 and 2 had shown "good safety and immunogenicity" in healthy adults over 60 years of age just as they did among people between 18 and 59 years...