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This is the platform that wants to dethrone OnlyFans | Digital Trends Spanish

In recent days, OnlyFans has been at the center of the news after announcing that it would be banning adult content from its platform. Although the company changed its mind and gave up its controversial plans, a concern was installed, at least for the creators who turn to this site to generate resources. Because of this, in recent days a platform that threatens to replace OnlyFans has gained notoriety. This is Just for Fans, a platform created in 2018 by sex worker Dominic Ford. In fact, the site is primarily aimed at those who are part of the adult industry. “For years, I've wanted to build a business where I can help models earn more stable recurring income. So it's always been one of my goals and this trend of user-generated content is the way that can happen, ”Ford noted in a rece...
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OnlyFans Announces That It Will Allow Adult Content | Digital Trends Spanish

A real controversy was generated after OnlyFans announced that it will ban explicit sexual content on its platform. This prompted strong criticism from users and claims from the creators, who saw the site as a good option to generate resources. However, just days after this became known, the platform noted that it has suspended its plans to ban pornographic content in an unexpected twist that has surprised everyone involved. In a statement, the company said it obtained the "necessary guarantees" to continue allowing sexually explicit content. This Tuesday, August 25, the company had indicated that it was forced to ban adult material as a result of pressure exerted by its banking partners. Thank you to everyone for making your voices heard. We have secured assurances necessary to suppo...
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OnlyFans CEO confesses why he banned adult content | Digital Trends Spanish

OnlyFans explains the reasons behind the recent ban on posting sexually explicit content on its platform. According to Tim Stokely, founder and CEO, the banks would have played a key role in the controversial decision taken by the site. “The policy change, we had no choice; the short answer is the banks, ”Stokely said in an interview with the Financial times. Stokely also mentioned three large banks that rejected the service due to "reputational risk" associated with OnlyFans' sexual material, which would be Bank of New York Mellon, Metro Bank and JPMorgan Chase. In the BNY Mellon case, the CEO acknowledged that the bank had flagged and rejected all electronic transactions related to OnlyFans, threatening its ability to pay creators. Also, a few days ago Bloomberg reported that banking...
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After ten years, Wikipedia will release a renewed image | Digital Trends Spanish

Over time, Wikipedia has become one of our favorite sites. There are countless occasions in which we have turned to this portal in search of answers or references and we have never been disappointed. Wikipedia has it all. Practically. And its classic and invariable design has been, over the years, one of its best letters of introduction. However, from the Wikimedia Foundation they consider that it is time for a change. This was announced by Olga Vasileva, product director of the foundation who, through a release, has warned that the Wikipedia design will suffer a variation after a decade. “The layout of the Wikipedia desktop and other Wikimedia Foundation projects have not seen any substantial change in the last 10 years, leaving certain elements of the site's navig...