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This tool identifies spy phones with Pegasus | Digital Trends Spanish

With the disclosure of spying on the phones of journalists and executives by the NSO Group, many people will be wondering how to know if their phone has been tapped. For all of them, researchers from International Amnesty They launched a tool that lets you know if a phone has traces of Pegasus, the spyware. The tool is called Mobile Verification Toolkit (MVT) and scans Android or iOS devices for the footprints left by Pegasus on the smartphones that have been intervened. The tool is open source, it is available on GitHub and what it does is check the record that is left on the phone, to see if Pegasus went through there or not. Once the scanning process is complete, the software connects to an Amnesty server for comparison against a previous database. Among other data, what they are ...
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A piece of software was used to spy on activists and journalists | Digital Trends Spanish

An investigation by various investigative outlets, including The Washington Post, The Guardian and Le Monde, revealed how spyware Pegasus, which belongs to the Israeli surveillance company NSO Group, was used to hack the smartphones of journalists, activists , business executives and politicians around the world. This software is sold to governments to track down terrorists and criminals. The investigation had access to about 50 thousand telephones, identified as belonging to persons of interest to NSO Group clients. An Avast threat analyst explained that Pegasus is a remote access tool with spyware capabilities, that is, a tool with which you can remotely monitor a person's phone and access certain elements such as the camera or microphone. , in addition to carrying out some actions s...