Sunday, July 25


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The classics are back: Clippy, Paint and Solitaire | Digital Trends Spanish

The oldest users of Microsoft Teams They will find a surprise that will make them return to their best times, since the messaging application began to rescue the old Windows iconography for wallpapers. Possibly those who had Windows XP remember that default background where a green hill appeared with a pristine blue sky. East wallpaper It is the work of Charles O'Rear, a photographer who captured the image in 1996 and became a classic from the early 2000s. But the retro will not only come with this landscape, but it will also have a common place for those who wanted to defeat boredom in the early 2000s, Solitaire, the popular card game that got more than one out of trouble. . And those nostalgic for Word will remember that friend a bit annoying for some, useful for others, called Clipp...