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sonic the hedgehog

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SG-1000: from the arcade to the home, this was Sega’s first console | Digital Trends Spanish

Before the Master System and the Sega Genesis there was the SG-1000, which debuted in July 1983. It is the first desktop console developed by Sega, which sought to move its video games from the arcade rooms to the homes of thousands. of players. Sega began experimenting with home gaming devices in 1982 as the arcade market was declining. The first model he developed was the SC-3000, a computer with an integrated keyboard. However, when the company learned that Nintendo was planning to release a gaming-only console - the Famicom - the house of Sonic began development of the SG-1000 in parallel. Sega first conducted a limited market test and finally, in 1983, released the SG-1000 in Japan. This console, also called the Mark I, played 8-bit games, displayed 16 colors, and used a Z80 pro...