Friday, September 17

Sonido de inicio de Windows XP

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Musician turns Windows XP startup sound into song | Digital Trends Spanish

Windows XP is one of the most popular desktop operating systems in the world, even today it is still installed on multiple computers around the world. But what else can be said about the platform that launched on October 25, 2001? Turns out producer ROMderful took the signature Windows XP startup sound, composed by Bill Brown, and turned it into a full R&B song, about a girl who should be texting a guy. Engadged. First, for those who do not remember the original piece, here is a video that allows you to listen to it. Now yes, this is the converted song, which has reached almost 36,000 views on Twitter. In addition to the input sound, other characteristics of Windows can also be distinguished. MESSAGE MEHIT ME UP ON MSN, I WANNA BE MORE THAN FRIENDS GIRL SO MESSAGE ME. I CALL YO...