Friday, July 30

Sonos Roam

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Sonos Roam: is its wireless charger worth buying? | Digital Trends Spanish

Sonos roam sets up as one of the best portable speakers of its kind, not only because of the clear and powerful sound it delivers, but also because of its multiple connection options. On the accessories side, we wonder if there are reasons to purchase your wireless charger (sold separately). You will be interested in: In the purchase package of the speaker the USB-A to USB-C cable does come which allows you to charge the Sonos Roam speaker. Only one port on the computer would have to be considered, for example, for this process. What makes the wireless charger attractive is that it takes the hassle out of connecting and disconnecting audio equipment; It is only necessary to put it on the base so that it begins to feed on energy. Reasons to consider the Sonos Roam wireless charger Son...