Monday, July 26


Gerard Piqué, NFT, Sorare, Tendencias

Gerard Piqué’s NFTs company receives millionaire investment | Digital Trends Spanish

The advancement of NFTs in the virtual world does not stop. Sorare, a company owned by footballer Gerard Piqué and dedicated to the business of collectible digital cards, has added a new round of investment that gives it a valuation of $ 3.8 billion dollars. While this has not been confirmed yet by Sorare, since Business Insider They assure that among the new investors is SoftBank, and that the company secured $ 532 million dollars. Sorare operates as a trading card service for professional soccer players and whose technology is based on blockchain. Sorare's cards are NFTs and the company has partnered with more than 140 soccer teams, who provide the image of their soccer players to adorn these cards. Among these teams are Real Madrid, Juventus, Bayern Munich and Liverpool and surely w...