Sunday, September 19

Soulja Boy

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Atari clarifies that Soulja Boy is not the owner of the company | Digital Trends Spanish

Rapper Soulja Boy is known for his outlandish statements. A while ago, he assured that he had come up with the idea for Facetime and that he was the first rapper on YouTube. Now he assured that he was the new owner of Atari. He did so through a video posted on his social networks, where he noted that the video game company had been very impressed with the success of its SouljaGame consoles and portable devices, and that is why it had approached him. Subsequently, the interpreter claimed that he was selling his current game company for $ 140 million and that he had recently signed two deals with Atari, making him "the first rapper to own a video game company." It was so much the stir that these particular statements caused that, in a rather subtle way, Atari herself had to come out to ...