Monday, August 2

Space Jam: A New Legacy The Game

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The free game of the new Space Jam is now available | Digital Trends Spanish

The new Space Jam movie also has a new video game. Is about Space Jam: A New Legacy The Game, which debuted free to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users on Xbox Series X, S, and Xbox One. Normally, video games based on movies are nothing very remarkable. East Space Jam, instead, it is curious for several reasons. First, because it is free to play And while it is now available only for the highest category of Game Pass, from mid-July it will be available to everyone on Xbox platforms, free of charge. And the second curiosity is given by the type of game it is. One might think that Space jam is a perfect franchise to make a type game NBA Jam. Without going any further, in the 90s the Looney tunes They had a basketball game that followed almost exactly the recipe of that classic: Looney Tunes...