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Spider-Man: all movies ranked from best to worst | Digital Trends Spanish

Toby Maguire, Andrew Garfield or Tom Holland? The debate over who is the best Spider-Man is a recurring debate on social media between fans of Peter Parker and the adventures of Spidey. We wanted to order the discussion and classify the Spider-Man movies from best to worst, according to the evaluation of specialized sites. You will be interested in: Although Disney owns the franchises of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), due to a question of rights the Spider-Man titles are not available in Disney Plus, but are distributed in multiple services, such as Netlfix, Amazon Prime or HBO Max . For this reason, in addition to classifying them, we also tell you where you can see each of these titles. This listing does not consider Spider-Man: No way Home, which will be released at the end ...
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This Engineer Created His Own Spider-Man Web Launcher | Digital Trends Spanish

JT, the engineer for the YouTube channel Built IRL, is dedicated to building artifacts in real life "that you have only seen in fiction." In the past he built his own version of Batman's grapple gun, and recently, he replicated Spider-Man's web thrower. At the beginning of 2020, JT made his first attempt to simulate the cobweb launcher, but he had to use an air compressor backpack, wrist launchers, heavy duty cables and touch-sensitive gloves that allowed to activate everything with the gestures of Spider-Man. ; it was a cumbersome and dangerous mechanism. In the new attempt, as shown in his channel, the system has been simplified. Rather than launch a cable with a grappling hook that can be mechanically coiled, JT created a simple metal tube that is powered by compressed propane ga...
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The curious “Mexicanized” origin of Spider-Man | Digital Trends Spanish

It took 49 years for Peter Parker, the amazing Spider-Man, to meet his replacement, the African-American of Puerto Rican descent Miles Morales, who incidentally emerged from events as varied as the election of Barack Obama as president of the United States . But long before Miles Morales became the contemporary face of Spider-Man, nearly half a century ago, Peter Parker emerged for more banal issues, like creating a superhero who would connect with a teenage audience. The story is well known. After all, there are not a few popularity counts that place Spidey ahead or just behind Superman and Batman, who appeared some 30 years earlier. Marvel had heroes like the Human Torch and the patriotic Captain America, and while the comics were popular with young audiences, Stan Lee and Steve Di...
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Spider-Man No Way Home Figures Reveal Film Details | Digital Trends Spanish

There are many rumors circulating about what we will see in Spider-Man: No Way Home, with a lot of theories about the inclusion of the Spider-Verse in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). So far, there is no trailer for the movie. So what remains is to infer information from elsewhere, such as some Hasbro toys inspired by the new tape of "your good neighbor, Spider-Man." The Entertainment Earth store has launched a toy line Spider-Man: No Way Home, and in this, you can see the details of the protagonist's new costume, information about the villains and also some small indications about the plot. The action figures show the Iron Spider suit that Peter Parker will wear in the film, which integrates the red and gold colors of Iron Man's armor. And along the same lines, Peter's new outfit ...
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The best action movies on Amazon Prime | Digital Trends Spanish

Free shipping is fine, but the best thing about a Prime membership is having Amazon Prime Video. Amazon's streaming service is packed with movies, TV series, documentaries, and tons of other content, both classic and fresh out of theaters. And of course: of all imaginable genres. Amazon Prime Video has a veritable trove of fast-paced, high-octane movies. Whether you're looking for spies and government conspiracies, superheroes, adventures into the unknown, or something in between, Amazon Prime is sure to have something for you. The following are the best action movies on Amazon Prime. The Avengers (2012) It may seem strange today - given the current state of the Marvel Cinematic Universe - but believe us there was a time when no one thought that a movie like The Av...