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What is a computer hard drive and how does it work? | Digital Trends Spanish

Despite the fact that you listen to it constantly, you may still not be 100 percent clear about what a computer's hard drive is, and what the function of this component consists of. There are even people who confuse it with RAM. We can clarify this with a simple analogy: a hard drive is like a filing cabinet in which you store books (hundreds or thousands). RAM, for its part, is the desktop where you work with a certain number of books simultaneously (10, 20 or a little more). Keep reading and know everything about it. You will be interested in: The purpose of the hard drive The hard drive is where your computer stores long-term data, which is not erased when you turn it off, (unlike RAM). A hard drive not only stores your personal or work files, but all the code required for your ...
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The best software to recover files | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the worst nightmares that can come true is losing information on your computer and not having a backup! Whether you've accidentally erased data or your hard drive has been damaged, don't panic: there are several options to rescue them, including - of course - the best file recovery software. You will be interested in: Before downloading and running any recovery software, we recommend that you stop using the drive if possible. The only operation you should use it for, especially if you think it will fail soon, is to back up the entire drive to a secondary one. The best software to recover files Also, you should consider enlisting the help of a professional data recovery company, as no software will work if your drive fails completely. The same happens if you lose data from a mo...
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How to choose the right external hard drive for your needs | Digital Trends Spanish

While cloud storage is convenient, it's not guaranteed to always be available. Over time, we will move from virtual space to something we have yet to imagine. Until then, transfer copies of your files to a external hard drive it is good practice. But, with tons of options now available where do you start? Read on to find out how to choose the best one for added peace of mind. You will be interested in: Even before: why create a backup? To ensure that all your vital information is secure, no matter what happens to your computer or internet connection. Backup everything to an external hard drive and use the cloud as a secondary source. Storage capacity The most important specification to consider when purchasing an external hard drive is its capacity. It's no good getting a high-sp...
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How to move Windows 10 to SSD if you need to replace your hard drive | Digital Trends Spanish

There are several ways to renew your computer and give it back that speed it had the first time you used it. Adding RAM is the easiest, although it doesn't always help. One of the best methods to speed up your PC is to swap that noisy old hard drive for a solid state drive. Doing this involves moving Windows 10 to SSD, for which the Microsoft operating system does not offer many facilities. Other readings that can help you: Note: This guide is designed primarily for people who only change units. It may work if you are upgrading or building a computer, depending on your setup. However, it will almost certainly not work for any virtualization project, although you can find those services if you are willing to pay for them. Step 1: prepare your computer Before copyin...