Sunday, September 19

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This Lego stop motion video took nine years to produce | Digital Trends Spanish

Rymdreglage is a Swedish musical duo that is dedicated to making videos in stop motion like the so-called 8 bit trip, published in 2012 and made entirely from Lego pieces. And now, they just released a sequel to that video, called 8 bit trip 2, which took nine years to produce. And those nine years seem to have been worth it, because the video is totally impressive. 8 bit trip 2 pays tribute to very famous and popular characters from the 8-bit video game era, all built with Lego pieces and with very genuine movements relative to how they looked in their original games. But perhaps the most striking thing is not in the animation as such -which in itself is very good-, but in the use of the camera and its movements when making tours of the stage. Because creating a work like this using ...
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Jurassic Park Veteran Launches His First NFT | Digital Trends Spanish

NFTs are here to stay, or so it seems after seeing that football teams and movies are selling these kinds of unique digital products. And now a veteran of the special effects industry joins, who put on sale a segment of an animated short type stop motion called Dinosaur! from the year 1984. The artist in question the Phil Tippett, known for his work on Return of the jedi Y Jurassic park, films for which he won two Oscars thanks to his animation effects. Talking to the site Deadline, Tippett's company (precisely called Tippett Studio) explained that a segment of the tape can be purchased with Ethereum through the SuperRare store. This segment is 1 minute and 9 seconds long and will be the first of eight NFT-type digital pieces that Tippett Studio will put on sale. Regarding the first ...