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Street Fighter V

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Look at the Street Fighter characters with Google AI | Digital Trends Spanish

Have you ever imagined what a human version of Street Fighter characters would look like? We are not referring to the actors in the movies live action, but rather a "traced" version of the virtual characters of the saga. Google's artificial intelligence has tried to do that job, and the results were compiled by user Siberian_644. He created a thread on Twitter showing the characters of Street fighter v rendered as people, thanks to a Google artificial intelligence algorithm. Some depictions actually look like a real-life version of the fighters, including their expressions, but there are others that look disturbing and even funny. In Chun-Li's case, the result seems right. Siberian_644However, if we talk about Zangief, M. Bison, Balrog and other characters, we cannot say the same. ...
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This is the last fighter to join Street Fighter V | Digital Trends Spanish

When it was launched there in the distant 2016. Street fighter v it didn't get off to a very auspicious start. Five years later, his status It is something different thanks to the content that Capcom has added over time and a proof of this is Luke, the new character that joins the cast of the game for a total of 45 fighters. Luke will be the last character added to Street fighter v And it will be available from next November, for a price of $ 6 dollars or 100,000 Fight Money, the in-game currency that can be obtained by playing (and winning) a lot. Visually, Luke doesn't seem like the most inspired design Capcom has ever made, but quite the opposite: he looks like a somewhat generic white character, like a cross between Guile and Logan Paul (yes, the youtuber himself). Now, perhaps t...
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Meet the new Street Fighter V DLC characters | Digital Trends Spanish

Capcom announced this Wednesday, August 5 the new characters that the Street Fighter V DLC will have (downloadable content) and that will be newly available from the boreal autumn of 2021. For now, the Japanese company only released four characters, and a fifth is expected to be recently released for the game released in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PC. Who are the new characters in Street Fighter V DLC The first character is Dan Hibiki, the arrogant fool who made his first appearance in Street Fighter Alpha. In this game you have the ability to show your personality more than ever. Dan is planned to be released this last quarter before the end of 2020. The second character is another newcomer alpha, Rose. Rose was selected because of her ability to use unique moveme...