Monday, September 20


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UFL, the mysterious soccer game will rival FIFA and PES | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the most surprising announcements of the initial Gamescom 2021 event was that of UFL, a new football game that, on paper at least, breaks the hegemony held by FIFA and PES (now called eFootball) in the market. UFL will be, according to its creators, a soccer simulator where skill will be everything. It is being developed by a study called Strikerz and CEO Eugene Nashilov indicates in the official statement that the creators are people who have been playing soccer titles for years and who know exactly what the public is looking for in these games. "We want to reinvent football video games from scratch," says Nashilov. For this, UFL will be designed around “a gaming experience that is fair”, without options such as pay to win and in which the main tool to win will be the skills ...