Monday, September 20


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Fast carbs don’t necessarily make you fat, a new study suggests

High-GI carbs like white bread are not more likely to cause weight gain than their low-GI counterparts, a study found. Researchers analyzed data on 2 million adults with high-glycemic and low-glycemic diets. Other qualities like nutrient density and dietary fiber are more important, according to the study. LoadingSomething is loading. High-glycemic foods are no more likely t...
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The pandemic is worsening mental health for women, middle-aged adults, a new survey finds

Mental health challenges have been on the rise during the COVID-19 pandemic. A new survey from the University of Michigan has quantified some of the effects. Women and US adults ages 50 to 64 have reported worsening mental health during the pandemic. LoadingSomething is loading. For months, experts have warned about the prospect of an entirely ...