Tuesday, September 28


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The American suburbs are getting a makeover, and these restaurant chains and companies want to move in next door

American suburbs saw a revival in 2020 as people fled cities at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Now, chains like Just Salad and Smashburger are following their customers to new suburban locations. Suburban-based companies like Tractor Supply Co. are already reaping the benefits. LoadingSomething is loading. In 2020, many professionals living in cities seized upon the ...
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A Bay Area house that burned to the studs just sold for more than $850,000 in less than a week

A four-bedroom home in Walnut Creek, California just sold for more than $850,000. That's well below the median list price for the ZIP code, but the house was nearly destroyed by fire. "Bring your contractor, architect, and designer: this is more than a fixer," the listing said. LoadingSomething is loading. The Bay Area real estate market may be hot, but one property was espe...