Tuesday, September 28

Super Mario Bros datos curiosos

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Super Mario Bros., 10 curious facts of the classic of classics | Digital Trends Spanish

Super Mario Bros. It is a classic among the classics. Super Mario Bros. debuted on September 13, 1985. It sold 50 million copies, several of them bundled with the Nintendo Entertainment System. That made it the first video game of a generation. Time in a pop culture landmark, one that the most passionate collectors consider worth $ 2 million for a pristine copy. On his thirty-sixth anniversary, we share 36 fun facts about the most famous plumber in history and the game that made him an icon. 1. Super Mario Bros. it was not his debut game Mario, the plumber who became a legend with Super Mario Bros., had its debut five years ago, in 1981 with Donkey kong. Sure, he wasn't called Mario there, but Jumpman, but the character is the same. 2. And it was bad Or at least he treated his pet...