Sunday, September 19

Super NES

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Designer of the NES and Super NES Retires from Nintendo | Digital Trends Spanish

The Nintendo designer who created the American models of the NES and Super NES consoles has announced that it is retiring of the company after a long career of 39 years to dedicate himself to “other projects”. The person in question is Lance Barr, who started working at Nintendo in 1982 and was in charge of the design of some machine cabinets. Arcadian, that at that time they were making the leap from Japan to the West. But one of his most popular works without a doubt was the redesign of the original Famicom, which was sold in America under the name Nintendo Entertainment System. The Japanese Famicom had another design, one in which the cartridges were top-loaded and which also included side clips for when the controls were not in use. On the other hand, the American version of the co...