Thursday, September 23

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A startup that made’cow-free’ milk and ice-cream will soon launch its own cream cheese

What if there was an alternative to plant-based milk products and cow's milk, which was practically the same as the latter — but without having to exploit animals to produce it? That's what California-based company Perfect Day has been working on, using mushrooms to produce milk protein that's "molecularly identical" to that found in cow's milk. That means it can be used to make dairy products like cheese and yogurt. "We were interested in the question of what is in milk ... that gives it incredible versatility and nutrition that is somehow missing from the plant-based milks," co-founder of Perfect Day Ryan Pandya told CNN.The company isolated the gene for whey protein in cow's milk and introduced it to a fungus. When the mushroom is grown in fermentation tanks, it produces whey protein...
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How a company turns air into water for drinking and natural disaster relief

Spanish firm Genaq extracts water through the air with atmospheric generators. The firm can make up to 1.5 million liters a day in water-bottling plants and works in 45 countries. Its water is used in emergencies, natural disasters, droughts, and refugee camps. LoadingSomething is loading. Though extracting water from the air might sound like magic, science and technology ha...
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Why are SpaceX and Blue Origin fighting over NASA’s lunar lander contract?

On August 19th, Blue Origin filed a lawsuit regarding NASA's $2.3 billion contract with SpaceX. Losing the contract was a big blow to Blue Origin, which was originally seen as a front runner. Understanding the two companies differences is key to knowing why they're vying for the coveted contract. LoadingSomething is loading. Blue Origin recently filed a lawsuit with the US C...
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Amazon and Google are being investigated by a UK regulator over fake reviews on their sites

A UK regulator is investigating whether Amazon and Google have done enough to stop fake reviews. The CMA said it's looking into whether Amazon and Google have failed to protect shoppers. Amazon recently urged social-media firms to help it prevent fake reviews on its site. See more stories on Insider's business page. Britain's competition regulator has opened a formal investigation into Amazon and Google over concerns the tech giants have not done enough to combat fake reviews on their sites.The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said Friday that it would now gather further information to determine whether the firms may have br...