Monday, July 26

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A man used AI to bring back his deceased fiancé. But the creators of the tech warn it could be dangerous and used to spread misinformation.

A man used artificial intelligence (AI) to create a chatbot that mimicked his late fiancé. The groundbreaking AI technology was designed by Elon Musk's research group OpenAI. OpenAI has long warned that the technology could be used for mass information campaigns. LoadingSomething is loading. After Joshua Barbeau's fiancé passed away, he spok...
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Clubhouse no longer requires an invite, ditching the exclusive’club’ identity it was founded on

Clubhouse no longer requires an invite. New users will be gradually added to the app from the waitlist, which served as a technical fix for the app's beta. The opening follows a slide in user downloads and an android rollout earlier this year. LoadingSomething is loading. Clubhouse is opening up membership to new users without needing an invite...
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Sony’s televisions will soon be 100% robot-made, according to a report

Sony Corp wants to slash TV manufacturing costs by giving all the work to robots, the FT reported. The company is targeting full automation of TV manufacturing and increased use of robotics for making smartphones, cameras. It expects to cut costs by 70% at its largest television-making factory. See more stories on Insider's business page. Sony wants to give robots complete control of making its televisions in a bid to slash costs, according to a report in the Financial Times on Sunday.Kimio Maki, head of Sony's electronics businesses, told the newspaper that he expected full automation of production lines at the company's main TV ...
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TikTok wants to be LinkedIn for Gen Z, launches TikTok Resumes for video job applications

TikTok launched the pilot program "TikTok Resumes" on Wednesday, hoping to connect Gen Z to job openings at major companies like Chipotle, Shopify, Target, and Alo Yoga. The program is only accepting video resumes for a limited time, with applications open through July 31.As of this year, there are more Gen Z users on TikTok than on Instagram— Over half of the app's user base is younger than 24 years old. Comparatively, only 19.3% of Linkedin users belong to Gen Z. TikTok users have already been using the platform as a tool for sharing career advice as well as providing tips for job openings, interview etiquette, and resume-building advice, Insider's Aleeya Mayo reported. "...
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Edward Snowden says Julian Assange’could be next’ after John McAfee dies by suicide in jail

Edward Snowden said he fears that Julian Assange'could be next' if he faces extradition. John McAfee took died by apparent suicide on Wednesday. News had broken that he would be extradited to the US from Spain. "Europe should not extradite those accused of non-violent crimes to a court system so unfair," Snowden tweeted. LoadingSomething is loading. ...