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New Clues Appear About Google’s Foldable Phone | Digital Trends Spanish

Apparently, Google has not put aside its project for a folding phone. According to the medium The ElecThere are several companies that are currently preparing phones with folding screens, among which are the manufacturers of the Google Pixel. Although no further details are provided, the site reveals that Google's phone will use a 7.6-inch screen, with ultra-thin glass (UTG) technology. Ultra Thin Glass). This technology belongs to Samsung and there are already some phones of the brand that use it; one of them is the Galaxy Z Flip, a smartphone foldable that when it was launched received some criticism because precisely the screen tended to scratch very easily. Andrew Martonik / Digital TrendsIn addition to Google and Samsung, the original report reveals that several Chinese companies...
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Meet the Chinese folding phone that wants to fight | Digital Trends Spanish

The Chinese are never far behind and before the irruption of Samsung, the company Royole was one of the first companies to bring a folding phone to market: the FlexPai. However, that launch was not successful, since the cell phone was described as ugly and with unkind endings. For this reason, Royale promised in March 2020 to give that design a spin and release a more renewed version. That was what he introduced today in 38 minutes, the FlexPai 2. Royale FlexPai 2 Features Royale is formally launching that phone in China on September 22 starting at 9,988 yuan, or roughly $ 1,471. 6.3mm thick when closed (12.8mm folded) have a 6.9mm frame (including camera) and 16.8mm bent hinge comes with a 7.8 inch screen somewhat lower resolution of 1920 x 1440 than its dual-scree...
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These are the best folding phones on the market

Not everyone needs the latest smartphone model, and as these phones get more and more complicated and sophisticated, more and more consumers are turning to the classic dumb phone from the mid-2000s. These devices date back to a simpler time to provide basic cell phone functionality without further frills. On the other hand, with the folding screens in full swing, we may be about to see a new wave of new type designs Flip phone. If you want a more traditional device, you can skip the first suggestion and jump down to find some of the best foldable phones on the market. The best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is not the first foldable smartphone launched by Samsung, as that title belongs to the Galaxy Fold. But being the successor, the Z Flip was able...